Here is what you need to know about listing your pad

RV Pad Listing Information

Why should I list my pad?

Put that empty pad to use, meet new friends and make money renting it out.  In a similar fashion to other vacation rental sites, we do the same for owners of RV Pads that want to rent out their site.  Renters can seek you out, make reservations, get an estimated cost based on your requirements, and emails will be sent to you with this information for your approval.

How much will it cost me to list my pad?

It's free for a limited time!  Since we are new, we want to build up a customer base before we begin charging to list on this site.   It will only cost to list an RV Pad, not to search and make reservations.

Once our customer base has expanded, we will begin charging after notifiying you via email 30 days before we request a payment. Until then we do not need any payment information from you.

These are the rates once we do begin charging:
$9.95 for a month-to-month subscription up to two RV pads. Each additional pad $1.00 per month.
$60 for a yearly subscription ($5.00 per month) up to two RV pads. Each additional pad $6.00 per year.

I'm ready to list my pad, what do I need?

You will need to add your RV Pad to this website, and include at least one photo of your RV pad. Your listing will not be displayed without at least one approved photo. All photos will pass through an approval process to ensure it is related to your RV Pad.